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List View Fresh

The List View Fresh Control presents a list view that displays a collection of items using one of four different views. It is distinguished by a view in a Detail mode, in which you can personalize the look of the column headers and the grid separating individual elements. It allows you to define groups that can be by default collapsed and expanded using the button.

SkayTek Controls WinForms - List View Fresh

The control provides a lot of configuration options with which you can set the appearance of the column headers by using one of several built-in colour versions or define your own gradient colours. You can also set the visibility, colour, thickness or style of the separating grid line, for example, show only vertical or horizontal lines. You can define your own border style of the control.

SkayTek Controls WinForms - List View Fresh

SkayTek WinForms Controls - Common Features

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9 language versions

Additionally, an interface is provided through which the developer can easily program any other language.

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5 color

The programmer chooses the colors according to the design needs. You can also define your own appearance.

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of control elements

Possibility to present, hide, block individual controls elements. Our WinForms Controls are components and contain many elements.