The history of SkayTek Software

From sales support software to Windows Forms Controls

It all started in 2009. As a small team of software developers we decided to find our place in a rapidly growing IT industry. We were analysing the market closely and looking for a gap that could be filled with our products. Small and medium enterprises seemed to be perfect clients. These companies were big enough to be able to afford our solutions and at the same time they were small enough to agree to use the services of our start-up which, at that time, was at an early stage of development. Quality, timeliness and attractive prices convinced many customers. We sold systems for keeping sales records and accounting. These included applications for the issuance of sales documents and records of economic events.

Time clock
A few years of work for our clients taught us a lot. The experience that we gained showed us not only the needs of our clients but also the obstacles that our fellow software developers had to face. As we experienced many of those problems ourselves we knew how annoying and difficult they could be. Seeing that the market lacked solutions for software developers we decided to change the profile of our client. From that moment on we have been working as „developers for developers‟.
As programmers we know that one of the biggest problems in this industry is the time required to complete projects. Usually the deadlines are tight and there is a lot of work. Any solution that reduces operating time is precious. Today we create ready-made components for strictly defined tasks that save valuable time during coding. These are mainly solutions for applications with graphical user interface. Our flagship product is Windows Forms Controls; its description is available in the „Products‟ section.