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SkayTek Controls WPF - SQL Connection Dialog Logo

SQL Connection Dialog

The SQL Connection Dialog control allows you to login to the MS SQL Server database server. It allows you to define settings and save them as connection profiles. This control is a ready solution that you can implement in any application that requires connection authorization to a database server.

SkayTek Controls WPF - SQL Connection Dialog

SkayTek Controls WPF - SQL Login Editor Logo

SQL Login Editor

The SQL Login Editor control allows you to configure the settings login database server MS SQL Server. By using it you can either add new logins or edit existing ones. In addition, you will simply generate a script that creates or updates your login information.

SkayTek Controls WPF - SQL Login Editor

SkayTek Controls WPF - SQL Script Editor Logo

SQL Script Editor

SQL Script Editor allows you to edit SQL scripts. It has a built-in syntax colouring mechanism which makes scripts easier to read and fundamentally improves ergonomics. It can identify over 3,400 key words: stored procedures, system functions, views and tables, operators, text values ​​and comments. In addition to the basic text functions, the editor provides a solution that allows executing, stopping and analysing the script directly on the SQL server.

SkayTek Controls WPF - SQL Script Editor

SkayTek Controls WPF - Data Grid Fresh Logo

Data Grid Fresh

The Data Grid Fresh control has been designed for simple and quick configuration of the presentation layer. It offers several built-in colour schemes that can be selected with a single click. It also allows you to easily define individual appearance for individual elements of the control.

SkayTek Controls WPF - Data Grid Fresh

SkayTek Controls WPF - Button Fresh Logo

Button Fresh

The Button Fresh control is the most-used element of the user interface. It enables operation in the standard button mode and in the mode of the button with the UP-DOWN or LEFT-RIGHT arrows. The available feautres of the Button Fresh control allow you to set an unconventional and surprising look that will make your application look unique with such an elegant presentation. Built-in colour schemes allow you to quickly and easily adjust the button to the application presentation layer.

SkayTek Controls WPF - Button Fresh

SkayTek Controls WPF - Downloader Logo


The Downloader control lets you download files from the network. It supports HTTP and HTTPS protocols with authentication, that is, with the possibility of verification of credentials. It allows you to personalize the settings to the protected network resources. Using a standard HTTP you are more sure the data transfer will not be blocked by firewalls.

SkayTek Controls WPF - Downloader

SkayTek Controls WPF - About Logo


The About control is a tool that will allow you to view all the necessary information about the program you have just created. It will serve as your personalized information window for your application.

SkayTek Controls WPF - About

SkayTek Controls WPF - Activation Code Logo

Activation Code

The Activation Code control will make it easier for you to personalize your software, and it will be the first time you run your application. It provides for the identification of the legality of your software.

SkayTek Controls WPF - Activation Code

SkayTek Controls WPF - License Logo


The License control lets you display the license text of your software. It introduces interaction with the user and enforces the decision, refusal or acceptance of the terms and conditions of your license agreement.

SkayTek Controls WPF - License

SkayTek Controls WPF - Line Double Logo

Line Double

The Line control serves as a content separator. It's one of the simplest but very useful controls that gives you a bit of convenience when designing an application interface. It facilitates aesthetic and contextual grouping of form elements.

SkayTek Controls WPF - Line Double