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SQL Script Editor

SQL Script Editor allows you to edit SQL scripts. It has a built-in syntax colouring mechanism which makes scripts easier to read and fundamentally improves ergonomics. It can identify over 3,400 key words: stored procedures, system functions, views and tables, operators, text values ​​and comments. In addition to the basic text functions, the editor provides a solution that allows executing, stopping and analysing the script directly on the SQL server.

SkayTek Controls WinForms - SQL Script Editor

You can easily manage the settings of the SQL Script Editor control. A number of options allow you to adjust the look of individual items to your design requirements. You can use this SQL Script Editor control in applications that run on database objects at the level of executable SQL queries. In authorial applications that retrieve data, display or modify data structures, and wherever a script must be edited by a person.

SkayTek Controls WinForms - SQL Script Editor

SkayTek WinForms Controls - Common Features

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9 language versions

Additionally, an interface is provided through which the developer can easily program any other language.

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The programmer chooses the colors according to the design needs. You can also define your own appearance.

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of control elements

Possibility to present, hide, block individual controls elements. Our WinForms Controls are components and contain many elements.