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Windows Explorer

The Windows Explorer Control is a functional file and folder browser in Windows. It allows you to browse local and network directories. It automatically detects pendrives and external disks connected to a computer via USB ports. It allows you to copy, cut, paste and move files and folders in the Windows directory structure. It also has a basic search engine with which you can find the item you are looking for.

SkayTek Controls WinForms - Windows Explorer

This control provides offers many options that you can manage from a code level. You can hide individual elements of the control, for example decide whether the left Navigator pane will be visible, change the colors or insert your own icons. The above control is an ideal and at the same time ready solution for your applications that must provide the user with a file browser in Windows.

SkayTek Controls WinForms - Windows Explorer

SkayTek WinForms Controls - Common Features

Globe Icon

9 language versions

Additionally, an interface is provided through which the developer can easily program any other language.

Color Palete Icon

5 color

The programmer chooses the colors according to the design needs. You can also define your own appearance.

Personalization Icon

of control elements

Possibility to present, hide, block individual controls elements. Our WinForms Controls are components and contain many elements.